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Spirit Rock Center

Welcome to the HartWest Spirit Rock Master Plan Portal.  

This project is now 100% complete and occupied.  Thank you to everyone who helped over the past 20 years.

The entire Spirit Rock project has been made carbon neutral by the completion of the solar farm.

Providing a solar-powered village to house staff and teachers served by electric vehicles makes Spirit Rock one of the greenest communities in the west.

Thanks to HartWest’s Employer Directed Workforce Housing Program, Spirit Rocks Village helps Marin County meet is State-mandated affordable housing requirements.

Marin County Planners called our Master Plan Application: “The most complete they have ever seen.”

The county’s largest and most state-of-the-art Private Waste Water Treatment Facility is now up and running smoothly.

The HartWest Green Development Practices used at Spirit Rock were so far beyond County requirements that the project was exempted from the strict Green Building Ordinance.

Spirit Rock recognizes that there is a crisis with lack of returning salmon in the San Geronimo Valley.

Even though salmon do not reach Spirit Rock Creek, a creek-habitat-restoration program is underway, and salmon is not on the menu at Spirit Rock.

Through a comprehensive Resource Protection Plan, Spirit Rock will carefully monitor and control environmental impacts on the site.  Documents have been removed for confidentiality.